One of the greenest energies

Wind energy is one of the greenest energies. As a substitute for other sources of energy, it is an extraordinary contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For its part, Le Nordais can eliminate 250,000 tonnes of CO 2 annually. In addition, the wind energy is simple to operate and its production cost is falling steadily. All these advantages encourage more and more countries to favor wind energy to the detriment of polluting energies.

The energy produced is sold to Hydro-Qu├ębec under a 25-year contract. Transferred from the fleet to the public utility’s transmission system, energy can supply the equivalent of 10,000 Quebec residences. In a country with a temperate climate, Le Nordais could meet the energy needs of nearly 50,000 residences.

The Kyoto protocol has just been ratified.

How will we live our Kyoto?

To limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions without changing the way we produce and consume energy, is this illusory?

The challenge of climate change challenges us all, do we believe it?

The actions we are doing today will have an impact on future generations, are we convinced?

The various non-polluting energy sources, in particular wind energy, provide us with comfort and quality of life.

Let’s encourage the instigators of this source of energy.