Éole Cap-Chat
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Route 132, route du Village-du-Cap, P. O. Box 10
Cap-Chat (Québec) G0J 1E0
418 786-5719 - 418 763-9935
Fax: 418 786-9119




Éole Cap-Chat

Éole, god of the wind.

The tallest vertical-axis wind turbine in the world.

The Nordais wind farm, one of the largest in the Americas.

An exceptional site for the only festival of its kind in the Americas: Révolutions Cap-Chat.

At Cap-Chat, in the beautiful landscape of the Gaspésie, stands Éole – where wind turbines blend harmoniously with the elements, like a tribute to nature and man's ingenuity.

The discovery of wind energy, this precious and inexhaustible resource, and the technological progress in this field are of even greater interest. Wind energy helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and acid rain around the world.

Visitors will learn the secrets of Éole’s site and go inside the giant turbine’s tower to see the equipment and gain a better understanding of how it works, as well as learning about the equipment specific to the two types of wind turbines: vertical axis and horizontal axis. How is electricity produced using this equipment? Come discover a clean, renewable and increasingly sought-after form of energy.

Innovation: climb Éole’s tower to understand the challenges of erecting this immense structure and view the amazing landscapes over which it reigns. If you are up for adventure, rediscover the skills of your youth and climb to the top with a helmet and harness.

The tour is enhanced by informative commentary and news images that raise awareness about the critical state of our BLUE PLANET and what can be done worldwide to overcome indifference and discover, once again, the pure waters of our origins and the unspoiled nature of our planet, as it was on the first morning of the WORLD.