Horse race betting is very calculated gambling which required prior research over the stats of previous and upcoming races to make good gambling decisions. The type of race and race track, the weather conditions, and even the mood of the horses can bring a lot of change in the results online sportsbook malaysia . If you are planning on placing bets on the next horse race, these quick tips will help you in making sane decisions.

The favorite horse

Check out the odds that are placed on the horses. The one with the lowest odds will be the one on which most of the money has been wagered. It is because these horses are expected to win at least one third of the time. It is the safest wagering strategy if you are only in to have some fun.

The favorite horse

Get a tip sheet

The tip sheet or handicapping air are made by professional handicappers or gamblers who provide useful wagering selections. It will give you the info you need to make ideal bets. You can find these on online websites or at the racetrack.

Inspect the horses

Horses have their good and bad days, just like us. As we do not feel like it on Mondays at work, sometimes even horses can be in a bad mood. Visit the paddock to check on the horses, and you can out which horse is potentially looking forward to running.

Know your jockey

Jockeys are an as important part of the race as the horses. Jockeys know how to ride the horse, and the best one among them can ride a new horse and still come second or third in the race. It all depends on how well you can push your horse in the race. Check out the history of the jockey who is riding your horse for the race, and the only bet is the stats have been satisfying.



Check out the trip of the horse after its race. Watch each and every move of the jockey and the horse during the race and find out why the horse did or did not come in the required position. The replays will help you figure out whether the horse was squeezed back at the start, or carried a wide turn, or got blocked at the quarter pole. If the horse loses a race due to a troubled trip, it can be a good bet in the next start.


Horse breed is also one of the major factors in deciding which horse will be able to complete the race more successfully than others. Good breeding can enhance the speed and strength of a horse and offer a better chance of winning the races. While some horses are bred for speed, some are bred for stamina. So you need to know about the breed before you pick your favorite horse for the race.

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